Prescription Error Claims

Thompsons has pursued hundreds of successful prescription error claims on behalf of UK trade union members and their families.

Being given incorrect medication or medication to which you are allergic can have serious – sometimes fatal – side effects. Prescription error claims follow patients being prescribed the wrong type of medication, an incorrect dosage or being allowed to take different types of medication which should not be taken together.

There are basic steps that we can all take to reduce the risk of prescription error. Always tell a prescribing doctor if you have any known allergies. Don’t be afraid to ask the prescribing doctor if a combination of medications is going to be safe for you to take. Always read the packaging and if you don’t understand what you have been prescribed, ask the doctor or the chemist.

Sometimes, even if you take the precautions suggested above, mistakes do happen and where injury occurs as a result, you may be able to claim compensation.

Making a prescription error claim

For more information on how we can help you make a claim, visit your dedicated union legal service page or make contact with our expert medical negligence solicitors through your union legal helpline.  

“We’re grateful to my union and Thompsons for helping us to shine a light on what happened and identifying where mistakes were made by the Trust. We hope they will learn serious lessons.” Alexander, trade union member