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Why you should trust Thompsons Solicitors with your asbestos-related disease claim?

Thompsons Solicitors is one of the leading firms of asbestos solicitors in the UK.

We brought about the first-ever successful case for asbestos-related disease compensation in the UK to the House of Lords in 1972, and we've been involved in every significant asbestos case around the law of asbestos compensation since then. Our asbestos lawyers have supported hundreds of workers and their families who have developed asbestos diseases as a result of childhood exposure or working conditions.

There are several different types of asbestos-related diseases. Thompsons Solicitors specialises in the full range of asbestos exposure claims, such as pleural thickening, asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma.

Our specialist asbestos solicitors have been involved in some of the most ground-breaking asbestos cases, and can support you too with your asbestos claim. If you are diagnosed with an asbestos-related illness in the UK, here are a few more reasons why you should appoint one of our asbestos lawyers to explore your claim:

  • Thompsons Solicitors is a member of the Mesothelioma UK Legal Panel, which recognises the firm’s significant expertise in fighting for the rights of asbestos victims

  • We are committed to only supporting the injured. We never act for insurance companies or employers, and it's been this way since we first started in 1921

  • We will work tirelessly to find out how our clients were exposed to asbestos, and our extensive experience can be invaluable when we are finding out where someone is exposed, or tracking down witnesses to help

  • If your employer no longer exists, we can still pursue a claim by tracing their former insurer

  • We have close links with support groups, such as LASAG and Mesothelioma UK, who provide vital support and advice to those living with asbestos-related diseases, and their families.

To find out more about how we can support you with your asbestos exposure claim, contact us today on 0800 0 224 224 or fill in our online form to start your asbestos compensation claim.

What you need to know about asbestos claims

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a natural fibre that was widely used in construction and other industries until it was banned in the 1990s due to its links with serious illnesses, including cancer. It was mainly used as insulation and to protect buildings from fire. It’s often found around pipes and boilers, but also in homes, workplaces, schools, hospitals and public places.

An asbestos disease is caused by the inhalation of asbestos dust. An asbestos disease can take decades to develop and symptoms, treatment and a patient’s prognosis vary according to the type of asbestos disease a person is suffering from.

What is an asbestos compensation claim?

An asbestos claim is a legal process taken by someone who has developed an asbestos-related condition as a result of being exposed to asbestos. The claim aims to secure financial compensation from those responsible – often an employer, past or present, who allowed the exposure to asbestos to take place. Typically, their insurers will pay out the asbestos compensation awarded.

If you are diagnosed with an asbestos-related illness in the UK, you may appoint one of our asbestos lawyers to explore your claim.

How do I make an asbestos compensation claim?

If you or a relative believe you may be entitled to compensation for an asbestos-related disease, fill in our quick online claim form and a member of our legal team will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss your asbestos claim. Alternatively, you can call us on 0800 0 224 224.

What our clients say

Annette, who was exposed to asbestos washing her husband's clothes, died after developing mesothelioma.

A man, sat in his living room, holds up an image of his wife, who passed away because of exposure to abestos

Frequently asked questions about asbestos disease claims